Guardian Angel Society 

Beautiful Angel

In His great love, God has assigned to each of us a special guardian – our own, unique, Guardian Angel.  As you know, one’s Guardian Angel watches over and protects the one to who it is assigned.

Considering the dangers, worries, stresses, sickness, and temptations we can face each day, it is comforting to know that we have a Guardian Angel whose sole purpose is to watch over and protect us.

In recognition of this special protector, Our Lady of Angels Association has formed the Guardian Angel Society. I invite you to renew your affiliation or enroll yourself and others in this Society.  May I suggest that you enroll young people you know.  They are surrounded by so many dangers and temptations found in our society.

Each week I offer a Mass for you and for all those enrolled asking in a special way that your Guardian Angel guide and protect you.

I ask that you consider sending a donation.  Your gift will be used to help support St. Vincent’s Fund – those charities whose purpose is to assist the poor in the spirit of Saint Vincent de Paul.

In appreciation of your support, I will send you an enrollment certificate/prayer card for each person or family you have enrolled.  Please be sure to enroll now with our secure online form.