Our prayers and our hearts are with you and your loved ones during these troubling times, especially to those who have tested positive for the virus, those caring for loved ones and those who must be isolated and be without work.

As with so many other organizations and businesses, we have taken methods to ensure that our staff members are safe and well protected. Our main office is closed to the walk-in public for the next couple of months and our staff members are working from home until things return to normal.

We are still able to receive orders through our website for those who wish to request Masses to be celebrated, respond to our Appeals and request Mass cards, etc. Emails and Telephone messages will be answered as soon as possible. The mailing of written responses and Mass cards maybe a little delayed. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Let us continue to pray asking Our Lord and Our Lady of Angels for the healing of those infected and for the safety of their loved ones. Let us also pray that the virus may be controlled and then be stopped. I will also remember you and your loved ones in my Masses and prayers.

May God bless you and your loved ones with His peace, comfort, protection and good health.

Rev. Father O’Brien, C.M.
Executive Director

Prayer to Saint Vincent To End the Coronavirus Pandemic

By: John Freund on Mar 31, 2020 / Around the Province

Father Jean Pierre Renouard, CM, a Vincentian scholar and researcher, composed a prayer to the Holy Trinity, asking for the intercession of our patron to eliminate this epidemic that is invading the world.


O Saint Vincent de Paul, our father and model,
throughout your life you wished
to imitate Jesus, the missionary and servant.
In your time, you confronted
the plague, the illness of the people.
Intercede now with the Holy Trinity
on behalf of all the nations on earth visited by the modern scourge.
Help the bodies and hearts of all victims.
Strengthen caregivers, be close to all neighbors, and enlighten researchers.
Walk with those approaching the portals of death.

As you gave strong and ardent advice to struggle against evil,
so now come to our aid!
Teach us how to expose our lives for the weakest among us,
and strengthen us to help them better
in fearless perseverance.
With the sole desire of aiding them in their needs,
open our spirits to God’s infinite providence.
Let us endow it with his total will for action.
Inspire in us, also, obedience to our leaders,
as we now place ourselves in your hands,
confident and fortified with genuine feelings of dedication and zeal
for our sisters and brothers.

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Weekly Message From the Director

Dear Friend of Our Lady of Angels,

            I continue to share with you a reflection on one of the titles of Mary: Holy Mary, Handmaid of the Lord.

            In the Gospel according to Luke, the Blessed Virgin twice describes herself as “the handmaid to the Lord” when she gives her consent to the message of the Angel (Lk. 1:38) and when she proclaims the greatness of the Lord because of “the great things” he has worked in her (Lk. 1:49).

            To understand fully the meaning and force of her title of “handmaid of the Lord,” we must read it in the light of the songs of the “Servant of the Lord” found in the Book of Isaiah, and above all in the light of Jesus Christ as the one who fulfills the figure of the “Servant of the Lord,” when he said: “I did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).

            The Mass commemorating “Holy Mary, Handmaid of the Lord” celebrates the merciful plan of salvation by which God chooses the Blessed Virgin, his lowly handmaid, to be Mother and partner of Christ.  As the Second Vatican Council teaches:

            Mary, “the daughter of Adam, in giving her consent to the Word of God, became the Mother of Jesus.  Embracing wholeheartedly the saving will of God and being unhindered by any sin, she devoted herself completely as the handmaid of the Lord to the person and work of her Son.  In subordination to him and with him, by the grace of almighty God, she served the mystery of redemption.”

            The Blessed Virgin, the lowly handmaid of the Lord, is therefore addressed as the “servant of your love” (words found in the Preface for this commemoration), giving herself completely to God’s service and to the work of the Son for the salvation of all.

            In the opening Prayer for this Mass, we pray: Lord our God, in your loving plan of redemption, you chose the Blessed Virgin, your lowly handmaid, to be the Mother and companion of Christ your Son: grant that by constantly looking to her, we may give you wholehearted service in untiring care for the salvation of the world.

Devotedly in Our Lady of Angels,

Rev. William J. O’Brien, C.M.