Mass Offering Update

Dear Friends of Our Lady of Angels,
Through the intercession of Mary, Our Mother, may our prayers be heard.
I write to inform you of changes in the Mass offering structure of Our Lady of Angels Association.
We have all felt the impact of rising costs in our daily lives, and at the Association, we have felt the impact of rising costs as well.
As you know, the Mass offering is a stipend for the priest to meet his daily expenses. The greater part of our Mass intentions are distributed to our Vincentian Priests overseas in the Missions. There are still areas in our world wide Congregation that are blessed with many vocations. Mass stipends are an important part of their subsistence, and to further assist these blossoming Provinces, our suggested Mass offering needs to increase. Your generosity will long be remembered and greatly appreciated.

As of July 1, 2023, we will adopt the following structure for Mass offerings:
Individual Mass – $ 10.00.
Triduum of Masses – 30.00.
Novena of Masses – 90.00.
Gregorian Masses – 300.00.
The cost for an accompanying Mass card will be $5.00.

Thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing support to Our Lady of Angels Association.

Devotedly in Mary,
Rev. Michael J. Carroll, C.M.
Executive Director


Message From the Director

Dear Friend of Our Lady of Angels,

May Our Mother Mary hear your prayers this May!

It is May and as a Church, we know that this month is given to our Blessed Mother.

I have the most wonderful memories from grammar school and our celebration of Mary’s month. There were May shrines in each of the classrooms for the daily crowning of Mary’s statue, as well as a gathering for the school crowning of the Mary statue in the corridor. There were flowers all over the school from our homes, and how skillful our mothers were in putting together the May crowns.

The great moment came on Mother’s Day with the school May procession. Our parents were there as well as your grandparents, aunts and uncles. I am sure that they came to see us kids, but their love for Mary was also evident. We still have plenty of movies at home that help us to relive those happy moments.

The celebration of May as Mary’s month does not only belong to our early formative years. As we move along in life, we need Mary’s care more than ever.
This May invite Mary into your life as enthusiastically as we all did in those earlier years. She waits to extend her care.

Sincerely in Mary Immaculate,

Rev. Michael J. Carroll, C.M.

Executive Director


Saint Vincent’s Devotion to Mary

By: Kieran Moran, C.M.

We are so much dazzled by the splendor of Saint Vincent’s charity for the neighbor that we may be inclined to neglect his other virtues. We are so engrossed with his achievements for his fellowman that we may be tempted to forget what he did for himself. It is well to realize that before he presumed to sanctify others, he devoted great care to sanctify himself. And among the virtues that helped him to this end, a prominent place must be given to his devotion to our Blessed Lady.

At his mother’s knee he first learned the story of Mary’s dignity and power. What a thorough lesson it was! And how amazingly grasped! From that lesson the practical boy went forth to place in the hollow of a huge oak tree his first tribute to his Queen: a little statue made by himself in her honor. Before it he dreamed his dreams and said his prayers.

During his priestly career Mary was more than ever “his life, his sweetness, his hope.” His steadily growing love for her strengthened and sanctified his soul. Under her guidance he advanced in wisdom and in grace before God and men. His interior, personal holiness, so profoundly influenced by Mary, expressed itself in actions that manifested his overwhelming devotion towards her; and that devotion pervaded and colored all his tremendous activity for the salvation of souls.

There was scarcely a sermon, a conference, an exhortation that did not glorify Mary. He brought her into the galleys and the prisons, a vision of relief for the most hopeless of men. With him she went into the hovels and hospitals, an angel of mercy to suggest and inspire remedy and cure. And she gave to this strong, rugged man, a man naturally inclined to ·be rough and stern, the heart of a mother for all the afflicted. As his latest biographer says: “His devotion to the Mother of Our Lord resulted in the feminizing—I use the word in its highest and strictest sense—of his virile charity and added to it that exquisite sweetness, that understanding of the maternal, that marked its spirit.”

Moreover, Vincent deeply and firmly impressed his great love for Mary on the soul of his two communities, the Priests of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity. He gave them the mandate to venerate her in her Immaculate Conception, anticipating by two hundred years the solemn definition of Pius IX. He gave special rules about her rosary and her feasts, explaining in detail the means by which his consecrated children should pay constant tribute to her. His sons in their own interior lives and in their ministrations to others have not forgotten the behests of their Blessed Father in God.

His daughters, the Sisters of Charity, took so much to heart the burning instructions of Saint Vincent and carried them out so faithfully that their community became, and is, singularly beloved by Mary. She saw, and sees, it as a carefully nurtured garden of lilies, suggesting and proclaiming to men her own stainless glory. As if in gratitude, and surely as a sign of signal approval, Mary selected this community of Sisters to be the favored recipient of one of her greatest manifestations of power since Gospel days. For to a Daughter of Charity, Sister Catherine Labouré, the Blessed Virgin revealed her Miraculous Medal, and willed to have that favor prefaced by the apparition of Saint Vincent himself, as if to show the relation between him and her marvelous gift. How profound, how sincere, was Vincent’s devotion to Mary, to have produced such a wondrous effect in one of the obscurest of his children after the lapse of two centuries!

May Vincent de Paul obtain for all of us a consuming love for Mary, like unto his own, so that, like him, we may walk always with her, gather others to her service, and have her Mother’s love pleading for us at the end.

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