Perpetual Mass Enrollment for Deceased

Our Lady of Angels Association has designed a NEW perpetual Mass enrollment card for the deceased. 

In the past, a number of our members have requested a perpetual Mass enrollment card that can be used specifically for the deceased.  It is in response to these requests that we now offer such a card. 

When designing the card, we hoped to provide one that would be both spiritually comforting as well as up-lifting.  As believers in Jesus Christ, we are comforted by the knowledge that, through His own suffering death and resurrection, He destroyed the power of sin and death for us.  While we grieve the loss of loved ones, we can be consoled knowing that they are now present with God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — for all eternity. 

The Sacrifice and Sacrament of the Mass has infinite value for both the living and the deceased.  However, since the deceased can no longer pray for themselves, they depend upon your prayers for them.  Certainly there is no greater prayer that you can have offered for them than the Sacrifice and Sacrament of the Mass.  The one you enroll will be perpetually remembered in these Masses.

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