Family Perpetual Enrollment

Who will pray for me when I am gone?” People often ask this question.  You are aware of the need to pray for your departed family members and friends.  However, you may wonder if they will remember to pray for you.

Hopefully, your family members and friends will remember you in their prayers after you die.  There is a way, however, to insure that you will be remembered and that Masses and prayers will be offered to you.  You can also insure the same for all of your family.  That way is through Our Lady of Angels Association’s FAMILY PERPETUAL ENROLLMENT.

Those enrolled in our Family Perpetual Enrollment share – in perpetuity – during life and after death in the following spiritual benefits:

  • The spiritual benefits of the twelve annual Novenas of Masses offered for the enrollees of Our Lady of Angels Association.

  • The spiritual benefits of the good works, prayers and Masses offered by the Vincentian priests and brothers of the Eastern Province of the Congregation of the Mission.

A family may be enrolled perpetually for an offering of $50.00. Family Perpetual Enrollment includes husband and wife, their children, their grandchildren, their brothers and sisters, and their parents.  If the person in whose name the family is being enrolled is unmarried, the Family Perpetual Enrollment includes the person, his/her parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents. 

A crucifix and special laminated certificate inscribed with the name of the family being enrolled is sent for each $50 Family Perpetual Enrollment. We also offer a $25 Family Perpetual Enrollment which includes a special laminated certificate and remembrance in 12 Annual Novenas of Masses.

If you are interested in the spiritual benefits offered by the Family Perpetual Enrollment, please submit your offering on our ONLINE FORM. Through a Family Perpetual Enrollment you will know that you and all the members of your family will be remembered both in life and after death.