Father’s Day Novenas

Father's DayOur Lady of Angels Association will once again offer Novenas for mothers, fathers and loved ones. Please click the link below to make your donation.

We also have Father’s Day Enrollment Cards available. The Father’s Day Novena begins on Sunday June 16th, 2019. If you need cards, the offering is $3.00 per card.

Mass Enrollment Cards

Our Lady of Angels Association offers enrollment cards for all occasions. Those enrolled share in the twelve Novenas of Masses offered annually for them and their intentions. Always FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING. Browse our selection. 

Weekly Message From the Director

Dear Friend of Our Lady of Angels,

I share with you part of a reading from St. Augustine taken from the Office of Readings for the Saturday of the Fifth week of Easter.

            Our thoughts in this present life should turn on the praise of God, because it is in praising God that we shall rejoice forever in the life to come; and no one can be ready for the next life unless he trains himself for it now.   So we praise God during our earthly life.

             Because there are two periods of time – the one that now is, beset with the trials and troubles of this life, the other yet to come, a life of everlasting serenity and joy – we are given two liturgical seasons, one before Easter and the other after. 

             The season before Easter signifies the troubles in which we live here and now while the time after Easter which we are celebrating at present signifies the happiness that will be ours in the future.  That is why we keep the first season with fasting and prayer; but now the fast is over and we devote the present season to praise.  Such is the meaning of the Alleluia we sing.

             Both of these periods are represented and demonstrated for us in Christ our head.  The Lord’s passion depicts for us our present life of trial – shows how we must suffer and be afflicted and finally die.  The Lord’s resurrection and glorification show us the life that will be given to us in the future.

             Now therefore, brethren, we urge you to praise God.  That is what we are telling each other when we say Alleluia.  You say to your neighbor, “Praise the Lord!”  And he says the same to you.  We are all urging one another to praise the Lord, and all thereby doing what each of us urges the other to do.  But see that your praise comes from your whole being; in other words, see that you praise God not with your lips and voices alone, but with your minds, your lives and all your actions.

             You cease to praise God only when you swerve from justice and from what is pleasing to God.  If you never turn aside from the good life, your tongue may be silent but your actions will cry aloud, and God will perceive your intentions; for as our ears hear each other’s voices, so do God’s ears hear our thoughts.


Devotedly in Our Lady of Angels,

Rev. William O’Brien, C.M.