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Lenten Letter – From Fr. Greg Gay, CM, Superior General 

My dear Brothers and Sisters, Members of the Vincentian Family: Lent: a time for Fasting A Story: During a visit to Venezuela where I met with members of the various branches of the Vincentian Family, people spoke about the country’s social and economic crisis and its impact on everyday life. People have to wait in long lines to buy basic foodstuffs such as bread, milk, rice, beans, etc.; people have to wait in long lines to purchase soap, toothpaste, paper products; people have to wait in long lines to obtain medicine and medical supplies; people have to wait in long lines at bus stations because of reduced schedules resulting from fewer spare parts … read more.


Vincentian News – Seminarians Perform Serve On MLK Day 

Courtesy of Greg Semeniuk, CM 

As a formation house we decided that we volunteer to serve the local community.  Fr. Brian Kane, the Dean of Men at St. Charles Seminary, assigned the Vincentians to Casa del Carmen – formerly St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  Here German Catholics worship for many years in a basement church.  Since 1989 the Casa del Carmen has occupied the Church building where there is both parent training center and day care for children.  The staff is Hispanic and bilingual.  Our Vincentian Evangelization Team will recognize the name as site of the lay formation program for the Hispanic Catholics.


David Serrano, CM and Leo Tiburcio, CM

Our work was spent outside cleaning the back street.  The service site, near a scrap yard, is close to a street where contractors illegally dump construction materials.  Here drug dealers also supply junkies with heroine and the like.  With little or no help from the city, the area is literally dumped on.  With the help of 20 other college age youth, we bagged the trash and cleaned off the street.  An uncovered manhole posed its own obvious danger, so we stuffed it with tree branches in order to keep passersby and children from falling in and hurting themselves. To conclude the service, Casa del Carmen provided us lunch.  

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