2018 Vincentian Charities Dinner

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, the Association will be sponsoring a fund-raising dinner on June 7, 2018 at the Niagara Falls Country Club beginning at 5:30 p.m. At the dinner, the Association will be honoring its volunteers: Thomas and Doreen Hofschneider, Joan Penzotti and Andrea Sirianni, in recognition of their services. James and Mary Glynn, the St. Vincent
de Paul Societies of St. Peter’s Parish (Jim Allen) and St. Vincent de Paul Parish (Barbara Skowronski
) will be honored for their efforts to improve the conditions of those living in our community.

James & Mary Glynn

Jim Allen

Barbara Skowronski








Thomas & Doreen Hofschneider

Joan Penzotti

Andrea Sirianni








Money raised by this event will be used to support grants that are offered through the Vincentian Community’s “Eastern Province Grant Fund.” This year, three local organizations – The Isaiah 61 Project, Niagara University BASIC Service Immersion and the Niagara Falls South End Revitalization Initiative – each received a grant from the “Eastern Province Grant Fund” for 2018. In the past other local organizations have received grants from this fund.

For tickets and more information, please contact LuAnn Mastrolembo at 716-754-0035 or at Lmastrolembo@niagara.edu.

Mass Enrollment Cards

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Weekly Message From the Director

Dear Friend of Our Lady of Angels,

As we continue through the Easter Season, I share with you part of the reading taken from the Office of Readings for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, a sermon by St. Maximus of Turin, Bishop.

            Christ is risen!  He has burst open the gates of hell and lets the dead go free; he has renewed the earth through the members of his Church now born again in baptism, and has made it blossom afresh with men brought back to life. 

            His Holy Spirit has unlocked the doors of heaven, which stands wide open to receive those who rise up from the earth.  Because of Christ’s resurrection the thief ascends to paradise; the bodies of the blessed enter the holy city, and the dead are restored to the company of the living. 

            Christ is risen.  His rising brings life to the dead, forgiveness to sinners, and glory to the saints.  And so David the prophet summons all creation to join in celebrating the Easter festival: “Rejoice and be glad on this day which the Lord has made.” 

            The light of Christ is an endless day that knows no night.  We are meant to understand that the coming of Christ’s light puts Satan’s darkness to flight, leaving no place for any shadow of sin.  His everlasting radiance dispels the dark clouds of the past and checks the hidden growth of vice.  The Son is that day to whom “the day,” which is the Father, communicates the mystery of his divinity. 

            And so, each of us ought surely to rejoice on this holy day.  Let no one, conscious of his sinfulness, withdraw from our common celebration, nor let anyone be kept away from our public prayer by the burden of his guilt. 

            Sinner he may indeed be, but he must not despair of pardon on this day which is so highly privileged; for if a thief could receive the grace of paradise, how could a Christian be refused forgiveness? 

Let us continue to celebrate the days of the Easter Season, as we say: “Today is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!  Alleluia.”

Devotedly in Our Lady of Angels,

Rev. William J. O’Brien, C.M.